Go (Golang) SDK for Feature Flagging and Experimentation

Announcing the release of GrowthBook’s Go SDK

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Go (Golang) SDK for Feature Flagging and Experimentation

We’ve recently released an SDK for our feature flagging and experimentation platform in Go. The library is extremely lightweight, fast and has no external dependancies- you can use it entirely stand alone or integrated with our platform. It allows you to easily do feature flagging, variation assignment and user targeting.

Installation is easy:

go get github.com/growthbook/growthbook-golang

Here is are some simple examples of how you can use it:

There are many more use cases which you can read about in our docs. As with all our SDKs, you can use them by themselves to help with feature flag rule evaluation or variation assignment, but the real value comes when you pair it with the GrowthBook API so that you can adjust the values in the JSON payload directly from the UI. For more information, please checkout the Go library on GitHub, or our full platform.

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