New Features


GrowthBook Version 3.0

New Edge SDKs, CUPED for Bayesian, Custom Roles, OpenFeature Support and more!

· 4 min read

Code References

As companies grow, they often find themselves increasingly reliant on feature flags. While these are valuable tools, they sometimes linger

· 2 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.8

Prerequisite flags, code references, versioned metrics, and more

· 4 min read

New GrowthBook Version 2.7

This version features Sticky Bucketing, Reusable Targeting Conditions, Experiment Health Tab, Fact Table Optimizations, and more!

· 4 min read

Stale Feature Flag Detection

Feature flags are a fantastic way to reduce risk during deployments, but they can also be a source of technical

· 1 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.6

Launch Checklists, Teams, Stale feature flag detection, and more!

· 3 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.4

Experiment Page Redesign, Built-in Sample Data, Datadog integration guide, and more

· 2 min read

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