GrowthBook Version 2.9

URL redirects, approval flows, quantile testing, and more

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GrowthBook Version 2.9

We’re proud to announce the release of GrowthBook 2.9, which includes many highly requested features, including Feature Flag Approvals, URL Redirect Testing, and Quantile Metrics. Full details are below.

URL Redirect Testing

One of the most common use cases for A/B testing is comparing two versions of a page hosted on different URLs to see which performs better. This was possible already with feature flags, but it required writing a lot of custom code and manually handling tricky edge cases. Now, GrowthBook has built-in support for this.

Simply design a new experiment, add a URL Redirect, and start the test! All you need on your site is the latest version of our JavaScript, React, or new HTML Script Tag SDK (see below). When a user visits the targeted URL, if assigned one of the treatments, they will be redirected to the new URL immediately.

This initial release is geared toward client-side redirects in a browser, but we’re actively working on support for CDNs and Edge Workers, which we’re super excited about! URL Redirect tests require a Pro or Enterprise license. View the docs here.

Feature Flag Approvals

GrowthBook now supports advanced approval flows for feature flag changes. It behaves similarly to GitHub — make a change in a new draft revision, mark it as “ready to review”, another person on your team reviews it and decides whether to approve, request changes, or just leave a comment. Once approved, you can publish your draft to make it live. There’s also a brand new “Drafts” page where you can see all of the active feature drafts and their statuses.

In this initial release, we let you configure which environments you want to require approvals for and whether or not approvals should be dismissed when further changes are made. The Drafts tab is available to everyone, but approval flows require an Enterprise license key. Contact or view the docs if you’re interested in learning more. We have a lot planned here in the future, so stay tuned!

Quantile Metrics (Median, P99, and more)

We’re proud to announce that GrowthBook is the first experimentation platform to fully support Quantile metrics. You can now report on things like P99 Latency, Median purchase price, and even use quantiles for decomposition deep dives!

Quantile metrics are built on-top of Fact Tables and utilize advanced techniques to keep your SQL fast and efficient while maintaining high accuracy in the statistical results. You can read more about this (as well as a technical deep dive) on our docs. Quantile metrics are available to all Pro/Enterprise customers and support all data sources except for MySQL and Mixpanel.

Project-scoped Attributes and Environments

For large complex applications, projects in GrowthBook are crucial for organizing your features and experiments. For example, you might have separate projects for your front-end, back-end, and mobile app. In previous versions of GrowthBook, targeting attributes and environments were global and shared between all projects. This resulted in some weird situations, like a mobile app having a “browserVersion” attribute or your marketing site having a “staging” environment when that was only relevant for your back-end.

Now, you can restrict attributes and environments to a subset of your projects, simplifying the GrowthBook UI and reducing the chance for typos and mistakes. Plus, when combined with project-scoped roles, you now have fine-grained control over exactly who is able to manage which attributes and environments.

New HTML Script Tag SDK

There’s a brand new GrowthBook SDK available, perfect for all low-code websites (Webflow, Shopify, Wordpress, and more). All you have to do is add a single `<script>` tag to your website and you’ll get support for our Visual Editor, new URL Redirect tests (see above), and even Feature Flags! No configuration required (although there are lots of knobs and switches for those that want them). Check out the docs here!

New and Improved Webhooks with Slack/Discord Support

We’ve revamped our event webhooks with more powerful filtering. Want to trigger a webhook for all feature flags that change in `production` with the tag “important”? You can do that! And to make integration easier, there’s a new Formatter option to automatically render the webhook in a format that Slack or Discord understands.

Now, with only a few clicks, you can enable fine-grained notifications directly in your messaging app. Support for MS Teams as well as more event types are coming soon! Read the docs here.

Other Improvements

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