New Features


GrowthBook Version 2.4

Experiment Page Redesign, Built-in Sample Data, Datadog integration guide, and more

· 2 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.3

New Experiment Page Design, LaunchDarkly Importer, Automatic Metric Discovery, Improved CDN, and more

· 3 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.2

Visual editor improvements, secure feature values, JSON validation and more

· 3 min read

GrowthBook Version 2.1

Sequential testing support, multiple testing correction, visual editor improvements, and more

· 2 min read

Visual Editor 2.0

We're proud to announce the upcoming release of our brand-new Visual Editor! Soon, you'll be able

· 2 min read

GrowthBook 2.0 — Developer Day!

GrowthBook 2.0 is here! Learn about the developer focused improvements in 2.0, including Typesafe SDK, REST API improvements, and more!

· 2 min read

Simpler, Faster SQL Queries

Experiment analysis queries in GrowthBook now run up to 2X faster! Read about the improvements

· 2 min read

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