GrowthBook Version 2.4

Experiment Page Redesign, Built-in Sample Data, Datadog integration guide, and more

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GrowthBook Version 2.4

We’re excited to announce the latest release of GrowthBook! Version 2.4 includes significant UI improvements, more powerful feature flag experiments, built-in sample data, a Datadog integration guide, and much more. Here are the highlights:

Redesigned Experiment Page V2

We continued listening to your feedback and iterating on the experiment page. This release contains a ton of changes, including:

Feature Flags + Experiments = Better Together

We’ve made massive changes behind the scenes to integrate Feature Flags and Experiments better. You can now have multiple Features controlled by a single Experiment, more control over the Experiment lifecycle, and combo experiments that use both Feature Flags and our Visual Editor. This background work will enable much more in the future, so stay tuned!

Datadog Integration Guide

By integrating GrowthBook and Datadog, you can set up custom workflows to automatically toggle Feature Flags based on changes in your Datadog metrics. For example, roll back a release if error rates increase. You can find the guide in our docs, here.

Improved Onboarding & Built-in Sample Data

It’s now much quicker and easier to set up a new GrowthBook account from scratch. If you aren’t ready to connect GrowthBook to your application and data yet, there’s a new sample dataset built-in, including metrics, experiments, and feature flags (with an easy cleanup button when you’re done). And, once you’re ready to fully integrate GrowthBook, we streamlined the database connection process and SDK integration.

Additional Features and Improvements

Plus, there are many more changes and bug fixes which you can read about here:

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