GrowthBook Version 1.8

REST API, Java SDK, Custom Permissions and more

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GrowthBook Version 1.8

GrowthBook continues to improve, and in this version we’ve launched some highly requested features including a new REST API, a Java SDK, and advanced permissions. The highlights of the release are below.

We’re doing a live event demoing all the new features in this release and answering your questions. You can join us here.


You can now list and toggle feature flags programmatically with our new REST API. Use this to integrate GrowthBook into your CI/CD pipelines and internal admin tools. This is just the start, we have a lot more endpoints planned that we will release over the coming weeks and months to enable even more integrations and use cases. Stay tuned!

Java SDK ☕

We are proud to release an official Java SDK for GrowthBook! Check out the docs and examples at

Fine-grained permissions by environment and project 🔑

We added advanced permissions to our Pro and Enterprise plans, which are available both on GrowthBook Cloud and while self-hosting. You can now restrict access by environment and assign project-specific roles to users. This opens up a ton of use cases. For example, let engineers make changes to feature flags in dev, but require admin approval before publishing to production.

New documentation site

We launched a completely new documentation site, now with built-in search powered by Algolia. We also added a table of contents to every page to make navigation easier.

Encrypted Feature Flags

When you use feature flags in a client-side application, it’s possible for technically savvy users to inspect your network requests and see which features you have defined and how you’re rolling them out to users. We added an option to encrypt the SDK endpoint so features won’t be exposed in plain text anymore. Read more about this feature and its limitations in our docs. Encryption is only available with our Pro and Enterprise plans.

VS Code extension

We launched our first ever VS Code extension! Configure the extension with your GrowthBook account info and it will list all of your feature flags directly in the UI. Developers can now easily use our SDKs without having to constantly switch back to the GrowthBook application. We’re always trying to improve the developer experience, so let us know what else you’d like to see added to this extension!

Other Features and Improvements

Plus many more changes and bug fixes which you can read about here:

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