Announcing Growth Book Open Source Release

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Announcing Growth Book Open Source Release

We’re excited to announce the release of Growth Book Experimentation Platform under the MIT license. Recently we’ve had feedback from the experimentation community that a lot of existing open source experimentation platforms are incomplete. Many are old and abandoned, and most lack any sort of user friendly UI. By open sourcing the core of the Growth Book application, we hope to address these problems and give all teams the power of a customized experimentation platform. To host your own version of Growth Book, the GitHub repository is here and technical documentation can be found here.

As we’ve talked about before, open source experimentation tools can be broken down into three categories: variation assignment and targeting, metric tracking, and analysis/reporting. The variation assignment and targeting piece of Growth Book has always been open source, but now we’re opening up our solution for the other two.

Open source has always been and always will be at the core of what we believe is a good developer experience, and Growth Book is committed to offering the best developer focused experimentation platform.

We invite the community to host their own versions and contribute by sharing feedback, ideas, and communicating issues on our github pages or on our slack community.

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