GrowthBook 2.0 — Product Day!

Announcing a new visual editor, Slack integration and an experimentation best practice guide.

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GrowthBook 2.0 — Product Day!
GrowthBook Version 2.0 — Product Day!

This is the last day of feature announcements for our upcoming GrowthBook 2.0 release. Today we’re highlighting some of the improvements we’ve made for product managers and other non-technical GrowthBook users.

New Visual Editor 🔥

We’re proud to announce the upcoming release of our brand new Visual Editor! Soon, you’ll be able to design A/B tests on your website directly in your browser, ship the tests to production, and analyze the results, all without writing a single line of code. We’ve made huge improvements since our initial Beta release last year. Read more about the new features on our blog.

Slack Integration

We’re excited to announce our much-requested Slack integration! Now you can configure GrowthBook to send alerts to a Slack channel of your choosing every time something you care about happens in GrowthBook — new features created, experiments stopped, etc. Read more about this feature and see instructions for setting it up in our docs.

A/B Testing Best Practices Guide

The team here at GrowthBook has put together a best practices guide for A/B testing. This guide outlines everything you need to know as you scale up experimentation at your company. It covers everything from foundational knowledge (“what is an A/B test?”) to advanced topics and common mistakes. This is intended to be a living document, continually updated, and fully open source. You can find the first version of it here.

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